Ten Bad Habits of Unsuccessful Twitter Marketing

Posted by , 27/03/12

Ten Bad Habits of Unsuccessful Twitter MarketingOne of social media’s brilliant, but less talked about benefits is the ability to make you look, well, a bit inept. In particular, Twitter has more social codes attached to it than a Jane Austen novel.¬†From my travels around the Twittersphere, here’s my top ten tweeting faux pas:

1) Set yourself up with a Twit Validation account – this will ensure that other twitterers really know you are a twit.

2) Set up an automated reply that pretends to be personal – to make your followers feel really special.

3) Follow 10 x as many people as are following you – @desperate #clearlyunpopular.

4) Block retweet 10 article links at 9.11 am.

5) Tweet a link to a page that’s behind a paywall – how annoying is that?

6) Include a bio that says OMG or Bubbly or Martial Arts Fan – Twitter is not a dating site.

7) Use a profile picture taken at the Christmas office party.

8 )Never reveal anything remotely personal, ever.

9) Make every @someone tweet a sales pitch.

10) Tweet when drunk or angry (unless you’re Giles Coren, in which case, bravo).

Do you have any Twitter bug bears? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. 27 March 2012, 13:09 hs

    11) Tweet same old stuff you always do on holidays like Christmas, Easter, and New Year. (Helllooo, do you know what day it is, auto-tweeter?)

    12) Misspellings, unless you reduced “you” to ‘u’ on purpose to stay under 140 characters.

    13) Use the generic ‘chicken egg’ as your profile photo.

  2. 28 March 2012, 13:13 hs

    14) people thinking Twitter is a magical tool that will automatically when them buckets full of new business

    15) anyone calling themself “guru” “evangalist” or other such hyped up claims

  3. Liton Ali says:
    29 March 2012, 13:34 hs

    When more than 10% of your tweets are pictures of/tweets about your meals. Unless you work in food of course.

  4. 29 March 2012, 15:03 hs

    16) ‘Social Media Trainers’ who demonstrate loudly via their Twitter feeds just how inept and clueless about they are about online marketing.

  5. 28 May 2012, 23:19 hs

    17) when people don’t get back to you or say thanks for a #ff or RT you helped out with (unless you have as many followers as Lady Gaga). It’s just good manners.

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