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Jedward trump Google in Friday viral

Posted by , 20/11/09

I was going to do something on Google’s new Chrome OS spelling the end of Microsoft but Jedward is obviously more important, especially on a Friday and Wand, the agency that brought us the mattress dominoes viral could be on to another winner with this one for their responsible rubbish clearance client Any Junk.

Mattress dominoes is the future says Google

Posted by , 17/11/09

googlezurich02There’s a quote on ad agency Anomaly’s site from the head of Proctor & Gamble R&D which says “My biggest competitor today is an individual with an idea.”

I don’t suppose he means that my idea for a washing detergent, even if it’s a really good idea, would be an immediate threat to P&G’s Ariel sales worldwide. If however I had a really popular video about it on You Tube and some sort of distribution deal, then I start to get his point.

Evian’s roller babies viral has just perambulated into the Guinness Book of Records with 45 million views, making it the daddy viral to date but even one for a mattress warehouse in Warrington has clocked up over 700,000 views with their decidedly low tech mattress dominoes world record attempt. More »

Paranormal Marketing Activity

Posted by , 07/10/09

paranormalactivityA low budget, Blair Witch Project style horror movie is attracting massive attention in the US due to its original online marketing strategy.

Made for just $15,000, Paranormal Activity is being promoted by video trailer, social media and a website where viewers can vote for the movie to open in their city, making it, the makers claim “The first ever major film release decided by you”.

The counter on their site was reading just under half a million votes at the time of writing. If it hits 1 million the makers say it  will open nationwide. More »

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