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Paranormal Marketing Activity

Posted by , 07/10/09

paranormalactivityA low budget, Blair Witch Project style horror movie is attracting massive attention in the US due to its original online marketing strategy.

Made for just $15,000, Paranormal Activity is being promoted by video trailer, social media and a website where viewers can vote for the movie to open in their city, making it, the makers claim “The first ever major film release decided by you”.

The counter on their site was reading just under half a million votes at the time of writing. If it hits 1 million the makers say it  will open nationwide. More »

Video killed the SEO star

Posted by , 29/09/09

video-killed-the-seo-starWhile video didn’t quite kill the radio star, as the Buggles No1 hit predicted 30 years ago, it certainly diluted the influence of stations like Radio 1, fallen from its 20 million listener, late ’70′s peak to around 11 million today.

Google’s introduction of You Tube into video search results a year after it acquired the online phenomenon, could turn out to be the event that triggered a similar decline in text led SEO.

Video SEO will suit some businesses better than others.  If you put ’motivational speaking’  into a Google web search today, two videos of Peter Bland and Ruben Gonzalez appear, naturally enough, what better format to promote motiovational speaking. The textual results around them look bland in comparison. More »

Brookie back online

Posted by , 08/06/09


Exciting news for fans of defunct C4 soap Brookside (and Anna Friel),  C4 has announced it will put around 4000 hours of back catalogue on its 4od catch up service.

Although C4 are playing catch up themselves behind BBC’s iplayer, if you consider how fast internet video content viewing is growing - one in every 35 UK internet views in February was to a video site, according to Hitwise, up from one in 50 a year earlier – C4 are joining the party at a very good time. More »

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