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Sarah Brown blog story goes global

Posted by , 28/09/09

thesunI spend a lot of my time on this blog advocating the power of blogging and why organisations should be doing it, little knowing that one of my own stories was about to prove the point, and how!

Around about this time on Friday, I was blogging about the Sarah Brown Twitter coverage in The Guardian and noticed that her blog followers had overtaken Stephen Fry’s so I made that the headline and posted it just before nine.

Within three hours it had been taken up by most major UK portals, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily MailMetro, BBCYahoo, MSN, Sky plus a raft of tech blogs in the UK and as far as the US and India. Radio 5  live also picked it up and I was interviewed on their Saturday morning show (43rd minute on the iplayer time bar). More »

Sarah Brown overtakes Stephen Fry on Twitter

Posted by , 25/09/09

sarahbrownFrom a standing start in March ’09 the PM’s wife, Sarah Brown has just overtaken the UK s highest profile Twitterer – Stephen Fry, with 773K followers to Fry’s 768K.

In political terms, Sarah Brown’s rise on Twitter could be significant. As Andy Beckett points out in today’s Guardian article ‘Can Sarah Brown rescue Labour?’ (including the odd comment from me) she now has 15 times the membership of the Labour party following her.

Although the content is deliberately not party political, she is effectively pressing voter flesh online, as she did in person at the Glenrothes by-election to great effect.

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