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Andy Murray video viral for Head is an ace

Posted by , 28/06/10

Nice use of viral video by tennis racquet brand Head, starring Andy Murray performing some cool tennis trick shots. 550K views in a week since the release on YouTube.

Spoof viral video not so funny for BP’s reputation

Posted by , 24/06/10

BP has got to the stage in its reputational decline where it is not just a falling stock but a laughing stock, with 7 million views of this spoof video so far and climbing, making a mockery of BP’s own videos of the containment effort.

YouTube celebrates five years with birthday video

Posted by , 18/05/10

Johnnie Walker online video wins international ad prize

Posted by , 14/05/10

BBH London won Best in Show at the 35th One Show awards last night for this six minute online video for Johnnie Walker whisky starring Robert Carlyle:

The wildfire growth of social media in 4 minutes [Video]

Posted by , 10/05/10

Erik Qualman’s music-enhanced, statistics-based video of social media’s wildfire growth was one of the B2B viral video hits of last year. With social media moving so quickly, he’s already updated it for May 2010 with yet more revelatory intelligence, including that Facebook has now overtaken it’s own country of origin as the third largest by population in the world, behind India and China. When Zuckerburg was programming ‘the facebook.com’ – as described in David Kirkpatrick’s new book, he knew he was on to something big, but this!?

Online video views up 37 percent in UK

Posted by , 27/04/10

Online video views in the UK are up 37%, climbing from 4 billion to 5.5 billion views, according to comScore’s latest video matrix report.

YouTube continues to be a chief driver, with Google sites overall up 17%, though comScore has noticed a trend towards longer format video viewing in the UK, something also seen in the US, with views of BBC sites, for example, up 143% on last year.

“In particular, we’ve seen eyeballs move towards the online channel to watch more long-form, professional video content, such as popular broadcast network TV shows” says comScore director Mike Read.

Some marketers are keen to exploit the growth in video viewing, Reckitt Benckiser, owner of brands including Nurofen, Finish & Calgon is doubling spend on online video to $40 million this year, according to a report in Ad Age.

YouTube founder says the future is about ‘stickability’ and convergence

Posted by , 20/04/10

Chad Hurley, one of the founders of YouTube predicts that the next five years for the site will be all about “stickability” and convergence of channels.

In order to encourage people to stay on the site for hours rather than minutes, he says, “we need to create a much more seamless experience across devices.”

Interviewed in The Telegraph, Hurley says “People think about the world of TV and the world of online video as being different ways to distribute video, but what happens when every TV is connected to wi-fi with a browser? What does that mean for your distribution opportunities? And these budgets dedicated to digital online – that proportion spent on video versus the big dollars that are being spent against TV – what happens when those worlds collide and is it just one thing? That is what we envision.” More »

Toyota withdraws ‘sexist’ Yaris viral

Posted by , 15/12/09

In the subtitled, wartime lampoon of Toyota’s agency competition to create a video for the Yaris, there’s a line saying “How f*&*%&% hard is it to do a Facebook fan page, a You Tube viral or a Twitter account?” Very, as it turns out, Toyota has been forced to withdraw the real winning entry, branded variously as sexist, inappropriate and even incestuous.

At the beginning of the noughties, an advert like this wouldn’t have caused any ripples globally at all, it might have turned up on the Clive James show as a cultural curiosity and then forgotten. Ten years on and the combination of broadband, YouTube and social media means this advert has been subject to instant international condemnation.

Yet in Australia, they’re probably wondering what the fuss is about. The female copywriter, the director and the directors mum all said they thought the script for the ad was very funny and the panel of Australian Saatchi & Saatchi and Toyota executives who chose it as the winner obviously agreed.

Looks to me like they just had the wrong panel of judges, probably very senior executives with great experience in the Australian car market but no experience of the international dimension of viral video.

Here’s the offending video

Pete Cashmore’s 2010 web predictions on CNN

Posted by , 11/12/09

Mashable’s Peter Cashmore interviewed live on CNN this week, talking about the major web trends he expects to see in 2010, including location sharing, internet TV and fewer mobile gadgets.

T-Mobile ‘Dance’ voted best viral of 2009

Posted by , 10/12/09

Two good, one bad as Adrian Chiles might say on a Sunday, Campaign’s top rated viral of 2009 – T-Mobile Dance by Saatchi & Saatchi, followed by Mumbrella’s Australian top rated – ‘The best job in the world’ (7th on Campaign’s top ten) and lastly, Mumbrella’s Turkey of the year? Chrysler Jeep Spring Break – it’s a bit of a shocker.

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