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The 5 social media tools you can’t do without

Posted by , 16/07/14

As a small business embarking on social media marketing, it’s all too easy to feel like a small fish in a vast digital pond. Fortunately, a plethora of tools exist to make the task less daunting, with many of them available for free. Whatever the size of your business and social budget, here are some of the simplest, most cost effective tools we’ve found to help you achieve big results.



Independent from Twitter, Tweetdeck is one of the most popular total Twitter management tools. With Tweetdeck, you can organise, track and engage followers using a customisable dashboard. Here, you can view at a glance all activity generated from different lists, followers and hashtags. You’ll discover who your most influential followers are, implicitly guiding you towards the right people to target when promoting online content.

Bonus tip: You know that one element of your activity that you find yourself checking manually whenever you go to Twitter? Whatever it may be, by adding it to your Tweetdeck dashboard you’ll be able to view everything in one click, saving time and effort.

Social media measurement

Social Mention

Another free tool popular among social media enthusiasts, Social Mention monitors over one hundred social media sites. Analysing data in greater depth and measuring influence across four categories (Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach), this is probably one of the most informative free tools on the market.

Bonus tip: Click on any of the hyperlinks at the top of the page to limit your search result with precision to that particular category, for example ‘blogs’, microblogs’ or ‘bookmarks’. More »

How do you measure the value of modern PR?

Posted by , 25/06/14

The rise of social media and continual seismic change to the traditional media landscape demands that PR be more flexible than ever in measuring its worth.

But what does that mean for traditional PR efforts? Is an emphasis on securing coverage in the national press still the holy grail of PR activity?

Average value equivalents (AVEs) 

We’ve come a long way since the industry default of determining PR’s value by calculating the value of comparable paid advertising. In today’s landscape, totting up the equivalent ad spend of PR placement bears little or no relevance. Not only does overlaying advertising cost metrics against something completely different tell a somewhat meaningless story, it also fails to take into account the power of influence on brand messaging, or the impact and merit of subjective third-party opinion.

Big splash vs measurable data

Of course, every business will have its own set of objectives. A half-page article in The Guardian might in itself hold enough thought leadership and brand awareness value for the average marketing director. Speak to the FD, however, and there might well be an entirely different set of priorities. How, for starters, does national coverage trickle through to measurable business results?

From content to customer 

With the current emphasis on content and storytelling, many businesses naturally demand tangible proof that investing in coverage delivers business worth. And indeed, with the right measurement tools in place, PR activity can be tracked from key influencers and media lists through to traffic generated by each piece of coverage, moving on to calculate percentage conversion when visitors hit your site. Savvy businesses that are investing in high quality content have options to track the value of each piece created with laser precision. Links to downloadable content, for example, are invaluable tools for tracking exactly where content enters the sales funnel and what sales it generates. More »

Furlong PR in the news

Posted by , 03/03/14

Pan-European brief for Furlong 3/3/14

US-based online engagement provider LivePerson has called in Furlong PR to handle its comms activity in the UK and Germany.

View full article here

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Furlong PR in the news

Posted by , 28/02/14

Twitter can be useful for reaching out to journalists, but approach with care – PR Moment 30/1/14

How Furlong PR and other professionals in PR feel about Twitter as a tool for engaging journalists, plus some hard stats that show how much journos rely on Twitter these days.

View full article here

PR enters a new era of ‘Tweedia Relations’

Posted by , 15/01/14

twitter marketingIt’s well known that celebrities love Twitter because it gives them a platform, an audience and the chance to control their own ‘brand’ online. It also offers the chance to mess up spectacularly, though there’s a certain Darwinian justice in that.

PRs have equal cause to love Twitter, especially when it comes to ‘media relations’ work – or in plain English – selling stories to journalists. Here’s three reasons why:

1) No more verbal decapitations

Having been in PR for a decade now, I have of course had my head bitten off more than once by a grumpy journalist – it just goes with the PR territory (anyone who says otherwise isn’t trying hard enough). This is usually for the totally understandable reason that you’re the 20th call that morning, the writer has copy to file and possibly your story isn’t as interesting as you (or your client) think it is.

Then along comes Twitter and removes the peril from this phone roulette. By observing their Twitter stream, the astute PR can now gauge the mood of their target writer (or influencer as we call them nowadays) prior to phoning and see what they’re talking about. You might even be allowed to join in the online conversation. Hell it could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

2) You can chat to Sophie Raworth or Giles Coren

Before Twitter, access to high profile ‘journalebrities’ like Sophie or Giles seemed as remote a prospect as an audience with the Queen. Yet in the last 12 months I’ve had very pleasant exchanges with both Sophie & Giles on Twitter, simply by replying to one of their tweets. You can pretty much reach anyone on Twitter (apart from the Queen). More »

6 simple ways to prove social media ROI to senior management

Posted by , 27/09/11

6 simple ways to prove social media ROI to senior managementSocial media strategies can complement PR efforts perfectly, and as publishers continue to ramp up their online content – the opportunities to leverage your outreach via social media soar.

Now, social networks act as first-stop sources of breaking news, offering unparalled access to journalists and as-yet unseen speed of coverage.

Yet clearly our sector still struggles to quantify the impact of social media efforts to senior management. We’re therefore grateful to socialmediaexaminer.com for coming up with a useful take on ways to measure the ROI of social media activity, summarised here.

1. Cost per impression

When you show the change in the cost per impression with and without social media, you can make a compelling case for the impact of social media on your PR strategy. On Facebook, you can get impression data on Facebook Insights. It’s trickier to measure on Twitter, but try TweetReach and Simply Measured to assess the reach of your messages.

2. Cost per engagement

Social channels are unbeaten for engagement, which can be measured with shares, clicks, comments, likes and mentions. Aggregate how people engaged with content and divide this figure by the cost to determine the cost per engagement. More »

3 knockout online PR campaigns of 2011

Posted by , 01/09/11

3 sizzingly savvy online PR campaigns of 2011The web has evolved from a network of sites to a network of connected people. PR has had no choice but to evolve, and the best PR campaigns now incorporate a social element. Savvy online PR now means thinking way beyond the tweetable press release headline. Here’s a round of three truly innovative social PR campaigns to watch and learn from:

1. Rayovac: Rapid-response Twitter campaign

In a brilliant example of tailoring PR to the current climate, Rayovac timed its campaign to coincide with America’s biggest snow day, 2 February 2011. Working fast, the brand appealed to millions of housebound Americans with a virtual snowball fight and a two-day snow day ‘tweet-up’, inviting users to tweet about their local weather. The result of tapping into the frosty Zeitgeist? The effort generated 1,188 click-throughs to download the campaign widget, while Rayovac made its first appearance as a top ten global trending topic on Twitter.

2. Healthy Choice: Pairing a social coupon with blogger outreach

In a bid to grow its Facebook fan base, increase engagement and reinforce the brand’s reputation for value, Healthy Choice launched a coupon on its Facebook page. The value of the coupon increased as more people ‘liked’ the page, ultimately becoming a ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ deal. Facebook marketing was supported with blogger outreach, inviting relevant bloggers to purchase a Facebook ad and drive their audience to ‘like’ Healthy Choice and sign up for a coupon. An innovative, two-pronged online PR strategy got results: the Healthy Choice Facebook page grew from 6,800 to nearly 60,000 fans, while more than 50,000 ‘BOGOF’ coupons were snapped up. More »

Furlong PR launches London PR Taxi video series

Posted by , 17/06/11

In an attempt to show that B2B videos can be creative and fun, we’ve launched our own video series featuring interviews with online marketing specialists filmed in the back of a London Taxi Cab.

Called London PR Taxi, the video series covers a number of subject areas that make up what we call ‘new fashioned pr’ beginning with, in episode 1, an interview with Brian Storey – Creative Partner at Wand, discussing Viral Video techniques.

While the subject matter is serious, the context is far from it with coffee flying about as the cab, driven by a mad cabbie – nicknamed psycho Paul, swerves around London’s streets.

Episode 2, which discusses the place of media relations in 2011, ends with a cup of Starbucks coffee literally all over Gorakana’s Michael Davies (thanks Michael, you were a star).

The latest episode ‘Media Relations’ can be viewed on our home page here: http://www.furlongpr.com/ or on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/tsMkYiidC70

Episode one, with Brian Storey can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/zEcDWL-kDVQ


How important are swanky offices?

Posted by , 28/10/10

Replies to this question I posted on LinkedIn last week ranged from:

“You can’t sell a Bentley out of a lock-up.” to “Visible signs, such as swanky offices, top-of-the range cars, very expensive lunches / five star hotels, send out the wrong signals.”

Somewhere in between was:

“I would invest in good meeting areas but keep personal work spaces modest and flexible”

This last comment is pretty much where we are in the debate.

It was a leading question because Furlong PR has just moved to Floral Street, Covent Garden where we have lovely meeting rooms and super-efficient receptionists, managed by the excellent MBW Business Exchange.

We’re still essentially a virtual operation though, there’s 16 of us, working day to day from locations dotted around London, using Floral Street as and when we need it.

We’re hoping it will be the perfect compromise, providing a professional meeting environment without the overheads of a full time office.

Seven questions you need to ask when choosing an online pr agency

Posted by , 24/05/10

A senior PR agent at a large agency once said to me, rather cynically, that if a client asks ‘can you do this?’ the answer is always yes, then you go and figure out how to do it.

No doubt there’s a bit of this when it comes to online pr and social media, levels of purported expertise vary hugely, so here are seven questions I’d recommend asking a prospective online pr agency/agent, to establish if they really ‘eat their own dog food’.

1) Do they write a blog? If they aren’t blogging at all, put the phone down or call a taxi. If they’re blogging less than once a week, you have to question their content led online pr strategy – do they really believe in it?

2) How many connections do they have on LinkedIn? – Anything less than 100 connections and they’re playing at it.

3) Are they a mayor of anywhere on Foursquare? OK, this is quite new but if they say yes, you’re talking to a proper social media geek that’s interested in what’s next, not just what’s popular now. More »

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