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The 3 most common Facebook marketing fails

Posted by , 31/07/14

facebook marketingFacebook marketing, while a powerful tool, can require a steep learning curve. The vast number of options at our fingertips means that for many Facebook marketers, learning to create effective campaigns entails running a few flops along the way. Fortunately, we can learn from the mistakes of social media past, drawing on the most common Facebook fails to future-proof campaign performance.

1. Being irrelevant

On Facebook, you have a split second to catch people’s attention – if that. If your ad isn’t relevant to the end user, they will immediately look elsewhere for content that is.

So, communicating relevance in Facebook advertising is crucial. The best way to do that is to create multiple versions of each ad that are targeted at specific audiences.

Doing so avoids what can best be described as the Superbowl effect, that is creating one advert or sponsored story intended to hit everybody (or in the case of the Superbowl, creating one campaign to reach 90 million Americans around the country’s biggest sporting event.)

2. Targeting non-fans

Your fans on Facebook are a conveniently available, self-selected pool of ready-engaged leads. As such, targeting Facebook campaigns to existing fans generates 700% more click throughs, according to data specialist Webtrends. Furthermore, research by TGB Digital finds that ads targeted at fans increase conversions beyond clicks by as much as 400%. More »

What you need to know about Facebook’s new business pages

Posted by , 11/06/14

Facebook business pages

Initially announced last March, Facebook’s updated business pages design has finally been unveiled – the latest in a considerably long line of design overhauls. Although the official change date is June 13th 2014, many pages are already being pushed to the new layout so it’s advisable to get to grips with the changes ahead of time.

The refresh includes some welcome improvements, with visitors now easily able to view all the business page’s posts in the right hand column. It’s overall a more streamlined affair, in keeping with Facebook’s mobile experience. Facebook has finally ditched the two-column Timeline design in favour of the one-column feed seen in user profiles.

Any changes to the cover image can be contentious – with this latest change the dimensions of the cover image are staying as is. However, the page name, categories and Facebook functions are now laid over the cover image – something to be aware of if your cover image features text or crucial design elements in the lower area.

What you need to do to prepare

Go online and do a tour of the refreshed design. After this, you can decide whether to switch immediately to the new design or wait up to two weeks. This gives you the option to update your pages before making the switch, but bear in mind that Facebook will automatically push the new design two weeks after you view the tour. More »

4 ways to improve your Facebook advertising

Posted by , 21/05/14

facebook marketingWe’re all aware that the organic reach of Facebook pages has plummeted, prompting a seemingly inevitable focus on advertising in order to be visible on the big daddy of the social networks.

It might seem a blow to social media marketing, but conversely this focus on paid advertising is good news for Facebook users, who will see higher quality ads that are ultimately more relevant to their interests.

The fact remains that Facebook is still an incredibly powerful ad network, offering unparalleled access to some 1.2 billion active monthly users.

Add to the mix the ability to target to users based on their unique interests, and the case for Facebook marketing remains undeniably strong.

So, investing in Facebook ad campaigns offers scope to drive greater visibility for your business, but when you’re allocating precious budget naturally you’ll need to ensure it delivers results. Here are five tips to consider when attempting converting Facebook users to customers.

1. Think mobile

The confirmation of rumours about Facebook’s mobile advertising network launch, Audience Network has cemented the network’s position within the mobile marketing plan.

And with a 72% surge in Facebook’s mobile ad revenue from January to March 2014, it’s clear that brands are recognising the importance of targeting customers with relevant messaging. More »

Birds Eye extends its brand story with new Facebook app

Posted by , 20/11/13

social media marketingOne of the greatest opportunities offered by social media marketing is the potential to really connect and engage with audiences.

The scope for interactivity and ongoing dialogue is absolutely integral here, with imaginative ideas generally forming the core of successful campaigns.

A fresh example of the use of Facebook marketing in particular to attempt to weave a rich and engaging brand-led story comes this week via BrandRepublic: ‘Birds Eye creates Facebook app allowing users to track peas ‘from field to freezer’.

Many a time have I reached for the frozen petits pois and noticed some copy on the packaging relating to the peas’ journey from the field to the freezer in just 2.5 hours. To be honest, I never gave it much thought. But now that I do consider it, some questions spring to mind….what is the journey the peas take, exactly? How long should it be post-picking before peas destined for the frozen aisle are, in fact, frozen. More »

Facebook marketing – the good the bad and the (potentially) ugly

Posted by , 09/10/13

facebook marketingFor Facebook, 2013 will quite possibly be remembered as the year that the company’s privacy policies came under scrutiny – literally. The Federal Trade Commission launched an inquiry last month into Facebook’s use of its community’s data, following a storm of negative comments from users. The inquiry swiftly followed the publication of Facebook’s proposed changes to its data use policy.

The upshot is that Facebook will continue to use information that users willingly supply publicly to generate revenue. Where users opt for privacy, Facebook respects that. Got it? Good. Now, on to the three key functionality changes on Facebook over the past year, which I tend to think of as ‘the good, the bad and the potentially ugly’. Which is which? You decide…

Graph Search

Facebook launched its Graph Search feature in limited beta back in January, raising concerns over privacy as people’s data became public and searchable. In response, the company has reassured users that private information will only be available to those they have permitted to view it.

Initially trialled in the US, the next-generation search bar enabled users to search photos, personal information and links shared by people with public profiles. Just this week, Facebook announced that users will soon be able to search old photo comments, status updates, posts and location “check-ins”.

Rather than setting out to rival Google, Facebook founder CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasised that Graph Search is all about providing precise content to precise questions, rather than links that may or may not offer the right answer. More »

7 reasons for Facebook marketing failure… solved

Posted by , 11/09/13

facebook marketingIn May 2012, American car manufacturer General Motors made the decision to stop Facebook marketing – allegedly after GM marketing folks’ requests for bigger, higher-impact ads on the social network were denied by Facebook sales chiefs.

The carmaker cited a lack of results as its reason for pulling Facebook ads, and this may be a feeling other businesses can relate to at times. As newer, hotter networks rise to the fore boasting exciting new ad formats, it can be tempting to abandon the effort required to keep a company Facebook page up to date and jump ship. But before you do, we recommend revisiting your Facebook marketing strategy and considering the following seven reasons it might not be delivering the desired results.


1. No clear objective

As you’ll see in our earlier blog on the steps to social media marketing success, defining the ‘why’ is imperative to any social media activity – and this applies to Facebook marketing too. In order to achieve the targets you want to hit, you have to first set them. So if you haven’t yet done so, define exactly what you want to get from your Facebook campaigns. Is it rich engagement? Increased website traffic? A loyal community of followers? Converting leads? Be as specific as possible then examine your activity to see where it is hitting and missing, as per the next step.


2. Lack of measuring and monitoring 

As with any marketing activity, you’ll need to engage in regular analysis using established tools in order to continually analyse and improve your brand’s performance. Use Facebook Insights as your first port of call to see which content is best resonating with your audience and which isn’t engaging them. Examine how your fan numbers rise and fall in response to certain posts and adjust your strategy accordingly. More »

Facebook trials trending topics in latest Twitter-like move

Posted by , 05/09/13

facebook marketingAsked to identify the definitive characteristics of Twitter, most people would probably point to the 140-character limit of tweets, hashtags and trending topics.

Just two months ago we reported that Facebook was rolling out hashtags, and now it would seem that the network is also trialling a trending topics function to showcase what its users are talking about most.

According to an article for Wall Street Journal tech blog Digits, Facebook has started testing trending topics in the homepage news feed. A module will display at the top right-hand side of the News Feed to highlight the most popular topics being discussed on Facebook.

At the time of writing, reports vary as to how exactly Facebook’s take on the feature will operate; there is some speculation over whether it will in fact use the ‘#’ to determine what’s trending, or work from non hash-tagged keywords collected from users’ posts.

Specifics aside, this is more an issue of Facebook becoming ever more brazen in its Twitter modelling. As well as incorporating hashtags, other pages borrowed from the Twitter playbook include wooing celebrity users with an exclusive monitoring app (remember Andy Murray’s post-Wimbledon victory live Q&A session?) and an earlier trial of trending topics on a small percentage of US mobile Twitter users. During the mobile trial, users were presented with a banner flagging up trending topics. Having clicked through, they could see what friends of theirs were saying about the topic, as well as comments and posts from non-connections. More »

3 ways to benefit from Facebook’s new algorithm update

Posted by , 14/08/13

facebook marketingThose tasked with Facebook marketing now have yet another change to grapple with, following last week’s announcement that a new News Feed algorithm will replace EdgeRank.

Affecting organic posts only (paid/promoted posts are not impacted by the changes), the new system is being dubbed “Story Bump”, and has the potential to evolve Facebook into a more forum-like platform.  But how does “Story Bump” work and, more importantly, how can we embrace this latest change to Facebook’s algorithm pattern to ensure our social media messaging is delivered to the right eyeballs?

While EdgeRank was focused on the timing of posts, the updated News Feed formula harnesses the ‘story bump’ method – ‘bumping’ stories that a user doesn’t see during a browsing sessions to the top of their newsfeed to guarantee they are seen first at next log-in.

The new system also factors in assessment of which posts users like, which ones they hide and those they engage with in the form of comments and shares. Essentially, the more interactions a post generates, the more likely it is to feature prominently within users’ news feeds.

As those who participate in internet forums and message boards will know, Facebook’s new system is reminiscent of the process of ‘bumping’ posts on a forum. Every time a forum user interacts with ie. comments on a post, said post gets ‘bumped’ up to the top of the message board, where it has the potential to gain great traction and visibility.

According to Facebook’s Lars Backstrom, the update will facilitate delivery of “the right content to the right people at the right time, so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them”. More »

Facebook hashtags: a guide for marketers

Posted by , 19/06/13

facebook marketingThis is the week that Facebook introduced that little device loved by Twitter and Instagram users and marketers alike: the hashtag. Well, when I say introduced, this is currently only to a portion of Facebook users. (Facebook is displaying its usual strategy of introducing a new function to a small percentage of its user base to test the water before rolling it out globally).

Assuming that hashtags on Facebook will soon become the norm, and any glitches will be ironed out, here’s the lowdown on their potential for social media marketing.


The data benefits

Facebook has never been shy about emulating the best of other platforms; think of its Poke app for iPhone – a clear nod to Snapchat’s disappearing text service if ever there was one. Hashtags are a fundamental part of the targeting offer made by Twitter – enabling brands to reach out and connect with people based on their sentiments – so it was only a matter of time before Facebook followed suit.

Facebook already basks in a rich treasure trove of data, including users’ age, location, gender, relationship status, education, language, workplace and interests. With hashtags, it strengthens its offer beyond most aspects of a person’s life to what they are thinking and talking about. Clearly this is an enticing offer from a marketing perspective, laying down the foundations for ultra powerful targeting tools based on users’ conversations and hashtag usage – provided user uptake reaches critical mass. More »

Oreo Facebook marketing campaign scoops top creative award

Posted by , 01/05/13

facebook marketingDespite only being in their second year, Facebook’s Studio Awards are swiftly setting the benchmark for best practice in Facebook marketing.


Fourteen reputable judges allocate the awards based on creative genius, and the ability of a campaign to capitalise on Facebook’s potential to capture the world’s imagination. Studio Awards are focused on the best use of creative work on a brand’s own Facebook Page, rather than Facebook apps or sponsored ads.


Explains Mark D’Arcy, director of global creative solutions at Facebook: “The Blue Award is a way of showing a piece of work independent of whether it was just good. Did it tip the direction in what they’re doing?”


Having been seriously impressed by the work of 360i and Draftfcb New York for Oreo last year, we were excited to learn that the campaign won Facebook’s Blue Award, the highest honour bestowed upon a campaign in the Studio Awards.


You may remember Oreo’s The Daily Twist campaign, for which 100 pieces of work were put out via Facebook over 100 days, chiming with the brand’s centenary celebrations.


One can imagine the conversation that Oreo might have had with its agencies in the early stages of developing The Daily Twist. Would anybody be surprised if Oreo had questioned the possibility of putting out 100 pieces of consistently great work that would actually engage people over as sustained a period as 100 days? More »

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