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US bloggers must disclose commercial interests

Posted by , 06/10/09

blogswillchangeyourbusinessThe US Federal Trade Commission has released new guidelines which will force bloggers to disclose any commercial interest they have in products they promote. In the first update to its endorsement guidelines in 30 years, the FTC’s move is seen as an attempt to bring the blogosphere into line with endorsement codes long followed by broadcast stations, newspapers and magazines.

“We look at it from the perspective of the consumer and the principle being that a consumer has the right to know when they’re being pitched a product,” said Richard Cleland, assistant director of FTC’s advertising practices division. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s an email or Twitter or someone standing on a street corner.” More »

Asda choose blogging over PR

Posted by , 02/10/09

asdaAndy Bond, Chief Executive of Asda outlined his new vision for a “transparent” business yesterday, “run for the consumer by the consumer” including web cams of the farms where Asda’s milk and carrots come from and a team of bloggers recruited to tell shoppers about the business, rather than “a bunch of PR consultants” said Bond.

Bond has labelled his new way of doing business as “democratic consumerism” drawing comparisons with President Obama’s politics, “offering openess, transparency, collaboration and dialogue”. More »

Sarah Brown overtakes Stephen Fry on Twitter

Posted by , 25/09/09

sarahbrownFrom a standing start in March ’09 the PM’s wife, Sarah Brown has just overtaken the UK s highest profile Twitterer – Stephen Fry, with 773K followers to Fry’s 768K.

In political terms, Sarah Brown’s rise on Twitter could be significant. As Andy Beckett points out in today’s Guardian article ‘Can Sarah Brown rescue Labour?’ (including the odd comment from me) she now has 15 times the membership of the Labour party following her.

Although the content is deliberately not party political, she is effectively pressing voter flesh online, as she did in person at the Glenrothes by-election to great effect.

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Only 16% of social media activity is measured

Posted by , 23/09/09

Everyone claims they are doing it, but hardly anyone is measuring the effect on their business – findings from a survey in August 09 on social media use by US based Mzinga and Babson Executive Education.

The survey found that while 86% of their sample said they were using social tools in some way  only 16% said they measured ROI.









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5 bad habits of business blogging

Posted by , 22/09/09

rabI truly think Scots are taking over the world, they’re everywhere. Gordon Brown, Susan Boyle, my girlfriend, the plumber yesterday and then of course there’s Mashable, the incrediably successful social media guide with 1.5 million twitter followers and 254,000 RSS feeds - made in Scotland, from servers.

Mashable has just posted their top 5 business blogging mistakes and already has 17 comments. So foolishly I’m going head to head with my own. Come on big man, let’s see what you’ve got (cue Victorian boxer type shuffle and arm movements). More »

Social media boosts email marketing reach by 24%

Posted by , 17/09/09

emailmarketingglobeNew research from Silverpop suggests adding social media buttons to email marketing campaigns generates 24% more reach than traditional forward-to-a-friend functions with this set to grow exponentionally as users become more familiar with social media.

Those using social media in email may also be using the wrong channels. Silverpop’s research showed that, while links to Facebook, My Space and Twitter were included most often More »

Habitat back after Twitter retweet

Posted by , 16/09/09

habitat Under mounting criticism for using topical hash tags to boost their tweet circulation, on 24th June 09, Habitat stopped posting. Suddenly, yesterday, tweets started-up again.

An apology was followed by an acknowledgement of past mistakes “This time we want to get it right”  and sensibly their tweeter wouldn’t be drawn on information about the mysterious intern who was blamed for the original micro-blogging misdemeanor. More »

Freedman appoints Furlong PR in switch to online PR

Posted by , 15/09/09

freedmanlogoFreedman International has appointed Furlong PR to a wide ranging online brief including blogging, social media and SEO.

Freedman, who specialise in global marcoms implementation, is switching from traditional to online PR in a bid to interact more closely with their international audience of marcoms professionals who use Freedman to design and run pan-regional brand campaigns. More »

Debenhams Twitter sale now on

Posted by , 09/09/09

debenhamsAs I write there’s a strange scene unfolding in Debenhams, Oxford St. Several of the staff are glued to smart phones advising customers, also supposedly glued to smartphones, by way of Twitter.

It’s been a while since I was in Debenhams but from what I can remember, the basement men’s department is a labyrinth so on that basis alone, this is a welcome development.

Whether my phone would work in the basement or if they’d be able to help with my typical request ’do you have this shirt in XL’ without being able to see me or the shirt remains uncertain.  More »

What’s stopping marketers using social media?

Posted by , 04/09/09

somediaAn emarketer report earlier this year revealed a high level of interest in social media tools with 87% of US marketers saying they intended to use them next year. Why the wait? The reason is perhaps explained by their latest report revealing that 37% don’t know where to start. They could ask their agencies but then 31% of them don’t know either.

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