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Social media marketing and blogs impact on women’s purchase decisions

Posted by , 19/04/11

Blogs and social media marketing are becoming increasingly important influencers in female purchase decisions, according to the BlogHer 2011 Social Media Matters study.

In the first instance, the report confirmed that social media use and blog consumption are both on the rise in the US. The number of Facebook users climbed from 80% of online Americans last year to 87% this year, closing the gap between Facebookers and consumers of offline television (93%). BlogHer also found that 40% of online Americans read blogs (up from 37% in 2010) and 22% use Twitter (up from 16% last year).

A striking trend revealed by the study is the impact that blogs now have on online shopping habits. Around half (53%) of respondents (88% of those who describe themselves as active blog readers) said that they trust the information supplied in blogs that they visit regularly, with nearly one-quarter of the US population (24%) indicating that they make purchases based on blog content – rising to 53% of active blog readers.

What’s more, women tend to respond better to endorsements by trusted bloggers than by well-known celebrities when it comes to learning more about a product or making a purchase. More »

Blogs – the motherships of social media content?

Posted by , 23/09/10

Captain’s blog, stardate 23.9.10

While the Johnny-come-latelys of online marketing -Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare have got all the attention in recent years,  the blogs which often supply them – online content ‘motherships’ if you will, have quietly moved into the publishing  mainstream.

A new report from eMarketer shows that 60% of the US online population will be reading blogs by 2014, a rise of 15% since 2008.

By way of contrast, over the same period, the number of bloggers has only increased by 2% to 13.3%.

This seems strange in a way, if the medium is growing in influence, why aren’t bloggers rushing to grab the opportunity to have their voice heard? The answer is probably just that is is hard to maintain a good quality blog, even for those who like writing them.

When I speak to companies about blog management, their comments often echo this – they know blogs are important but they just can’t see where the content will come from and rather than have a rubbish blog, they’d prefer to have no blog at all. More »

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43% increase in time spent on US social networks & blogs

Posted by , 03/08/10

Americans spend nearly a quarter of their time online on social networking sites and blogs, up from 15.8 percent just a year ago (43 percent increase) according to new research from The Nielsen Company. The research revealed that Americans spend a third their online time (36 percent) communicating and networking across social networks, blogs, personal email and instant messaging.

50 percent of B2B marketers don’t blog or tweet

Posted by , 05/05/10

B2B marketers are equally split in their take up of blogs and social media and are bottom line focussed, a US survey has found.

50% of B2B marketers in the Genius.com/BtoB magazine survey said they don’t blog, 49% don’t use Twitter, 43% don’t use Facebook and 25% don’t use LinkedIn.

Many are also not using Adwords or SEO tools.

The key success measurement for B2B marketers is revenue, with 61% focussed on revenue generation, followed by sales agreements (40%) and qualified leads (39%).

Over five times more marketers cite revenue generation as a key metric than they do website traffic or impressions (12%) or click-through rates (12%).


Blogs attract 80 percent new business contacts

Posted by , 16/03/10

blogs_will_change_your_business80% of visitors to company blogs are coming for the first time, a survey from Compendium has revealed.

The findings suggest that a company blog is more important as a new business tool than was previously thought.

First time visitors come from two major sources, referring sites and search engines, confirming that good quality content that is keyword optimised, will pull traffic to company sales funnels.

Research amongst Furlong PR customers suggests that 75% of blog traffic comes from social networking sites and 25% from SEO.

Compendium’s survey also looked at use of Twitter. Approximately 43 percent of companies surveyed had established a Twitter account.

Twitter usage was highest among B-to-B companies with 87 percent maintaining an account.

Conservative party campaign site mirrors Obama’s

Posted by , 05/10/09

david_cameronThe new Conservative party campaigning website, launched on Friday  looked like a dud when I first arrived on its blue blog page (the one my Google search landed on). Its main purpose seems to be to tutor Tory campaigners via a You Tube video on how to conduct a telemarketing campaign from home.

So here you have the odd scencario of one of the newest and most popular marketing channels – video, being used to organise undoubtedly the least popular and most old school marketing channels - cold calling.

This only added to my growing suspicion that political parties think online marketing is a type of intranet for posting information  and instructions to the party machine rather than an engagement tool for reaching voters. More »

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