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Content poised to dominate social media for 2012

Posted by , 16/11/11

Content poised to dominate social media for 2012There are only 44 days left until we pop the champagne, sing Auld Lang Syne (badly) and listen to Big Ben chime us in (or out) to 2012. Which gets us thinking…what is going to set the social media marketing agenda next year?

Here at Furlong PR, we are big believers in the pivotal role of expert content coupled with intelligent SEO on the bottom line. We have seen first-hand how content marketing can drive tangible results.

The gurus at Social Media Explorer (socialmediaexplorer.com) have already taken to their crystal balls, placing content marketing atop their social marketing trends for 2012.

So what’s new about content marketing? Social media pundits have been talking about this marketing discipline for years, but what has changed is buy-in at board level. Executives seem to have started to appreciate the positive impact that quality blog content, viral videos, white papers and the like can have on SEO and lead generation.

Content marketing requires quite a drastic rethink for many CMOs or CEO’s, in the sense that it asks brands to ‘be the media’ rather than feature ‘in the media’. The knee-jerk reaction has traditionally been that media=expensive=no thank you. But now that social media departments can begin to demonstrate the real business benefits of a strategy that incorporates content, budgets seem to be adapting to allow them to develop more sophisticated content strategies. More »

46% of CMOs say engagement is key for a successful corporate blog

Posted by , 11/01/11

A new survey has provided insight from CMOs on the key indicators for a successful corporate blog.

According to Fortune 1,000 companies surveyed by blog printing firm Blog2Print, and featured in eMarketer this week, nearly a quarter had a corporate blog.

When asked what made a blog great, 46% of respondents cited an ‘engaged community’ as critical – nearly double that of any other attribute.

For the survey, ‘engagement’ was represented in terms of blog posts that receive comments; therefore this suggests that the CMOs polled considered blogs most effective when they generated a lively debate rather than purely pushing content.

The second characteristic cited was daily posting with 26% of respondents regarding it important to keep the blog constantly fresh. More »

7 sources of compelling blog content

Posted by , 06/08/09

menerbesTomorrow, I’m off to Provence to contemplate my navel, rather than this blog for a week but meanwhile, I leave you with Elizabeth Sosnow’s 7 tips for extracting corporate blogging gold by way of Jay Baer’s excellent blog.

1.Once Upon A Time: Does your company or client have an instructive story from its history to share with others? Are there some “lessons learned” that could benefit your community?

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Only 15% of top etailers have a blog

Posted by , 25/07/09

ecommerceHitting The Checkout, a survey from ecommerce solution provide Dotcommerce, assessed 20 of the UK’s leading UK retailers and found that, while most have the basics of ecommerce covered, the majority are failing to embrace added-alue content such as blogs, vidoes, user-generated content or social media links.

Less than half (45%) offered any kind of editorial material beyond basic product descriptions More »

Content is king

Posted by , 15/07/09


Took a spin around the online pr news world this morning to see who’s writing what and actually there’s not much to find. There’s Katy Howell tweeting about “72% of people go online just to become part of a community”, a blog in ‘Search Engine Land’ about how important user generated content is to  organic search and some cool, albeit quite techy stuff on Yoast about a blog analytics plugin from MailChimp.

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