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Why LinkedIn reigns supreme for B2B social media marketing

Posted by , 17/10/12

Why LinkedIn marketing is key for B2B lead generationAsked to name today’s key social media powerhouses, most would likely respond citing Facebook, Twitter and perhaps Google+, rising graphic stars Pinterest and Instagram would probably get a mention, and some would nod to Tumblr. But how many of us would rank LinkedIn up there with the big guns?

The fact remains that Linkedin has methodically and steadfastly cornered the market on professional and business-to-business networking, making it near impossible for competitors to enter this particular sphere. Earlier this year, TechCrunch reported that Facebook was rumoured to be considering adding job posting tools, but critics argue that Facebook lacks the extraordinarily focused approach of LinkedIn and, as yet, nothing has materialised.

Read on for five Linkedin features that make the network the go-to destination for recruitment, jobhunting and professional networking, and suggest how businesses can piggyback its success and influence in the B2B realm:


1. Ad segmentation

Don’t overlook the power of straightforward advertising on social networks. LinkedIn has an especially powerful segmentation function, enabling advertisers to target based not only on traditional demographics such as geography, gender, and age, but also according to specifics like job titles, sectors and skill sets. More »

Three ways B2B firms fail to exploit social media

Posted by , 11/10/11

B2B firms fail to exploit social mediaWe know that social media is radically changing the way that we all work, shop, communicate and relate to the world around us.

It is surprising, then, to see evidence of how many B2B companies are still blind to its possibilities within PwC’s new paper: ‘Uncovering B2B social media: Value innovation and engagement’.

While the findings kick off on a promising note, with confirmation that B2B firms are investing in social media (between $416,000 and $185m), the rest of the results make for frustrating reading. Here are three highlights (or should we say lowlights) from the study:

1. Nearly 50% of respondents are not undertaking any kind of measurement of ROI, or are only using the most basic qualitative measures.

2. Two-thirds of company cultures do not support the use of social media, or offer only basic guidelines to their staff. Such negligence leaves businesses open to reputational risk.

3. Less than 12% of those surveyed have full time, dedicated social media teams in place. More »

Why LinkedIn marketing is undervalued in B2B

Posted by , 25/05/10

LinkedIn marketingWhile it may have been Twitter’s year from a publicity point of view, LinkedIn, the grand old dame of business social networking – who turned seven this month, continues to dominate corporate America. New research from Netprospex shows that 43% of large company employees are members of the site.

Facebook is a distant second with 11% while Twitter languishes back in fifth spot (3%) behind Flickr and MySpace (both 4%). You quite often hear the phrase in relation to consumer social media ‘we need to fish where the fishes are’  but how often do you hear of the same thing translated to B2B, i.e., LinkedIn marketing campaigns

In our experience of LinkedIn marketing, judicious seeding of content can generate 75% of referred website traffic, far more than Twitter can manage, so why not do more of it?

The answer may lie in another recent study, marketers were asked what the main obstacles are to using social media. They said lack of analytics (35%), lack of management buy-in (25%)  and that their audience isn’t yet active on social media (21%). More »

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