Online Reputation Management

online reputation management Online reputation management is all about understanding what conversations are happening online about your brand and your business. The rapid growth of consumer generated media (CGM) through blogs, twitter and product feedback has enabled information to spread rapidly and easily online.

With the major search engines now assimilating this content into their search results in near real time, the risk of negative sentiment impacting on your brand is high. By the time the negative sentiment gets out, it is often too late and the damage has already been done.

Managing your online reputation combines aspects of public relations, search engine marketing and traditional marketing.

What can my business do?

As a business, the key is to listen, analyse and influence. The goal is to encourage people to speak positively about your brand by monitoring, analysing and improving positive online sentiment about it. Mentions in social media can be a threat if not dealt with carefully, but can also generate great benefits if used properly.

How can we help your business?

We can manage this process for you. Our expertise and experience in search engine marketing and traditional marketing used in conjunction with our specifically designed tools enable us to monitor online activities. Our understanding of search marketing enables us to determine suitable mechanisms to address aspects of this negative sentiment. Finally, our public relations experience supports this process.

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