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Posted by , 20/03/13

twitter marketingIt comes as little surprise that some 60% of Twitter users access the network via a mobile device. Twitter was, after all, conceived on the back of the popularity of text messaging, and its bitesize nuggets of content are perfectly snackable fodder for the morning commute, say, or in a dawdling coffee shop queue.


More interesting, perhaps, is the fact that Twitter’s mobile users are more likely to be active, engaged users and therefore a more receptive audience for brand messaging than desktop tweeters.


Guy Yalif, head of global product marketing, Twitter, told attendees at MediaPost’s Social insider summit that 200 million people now log in to Twitter at least twice a month. Of those, 120 million (60%) do so at least once using a mobile device. What’s more, within that 60% sits a “large chunk” who access Twitter primarily via mobile.


Yalif said: “ Mobile users are the core of our platform…they’re the future of our platform, and are more engaged day in, day out, which creates many opportunities for us as marketers”.


Of the Twitter users who access the service primarily via mobile, let’s call them the Mobile Twitterati, this group is 86% more likely to log in several times throughout the day (Source: Compete).


For advertisers, this represents an important opportunity to engage with people on the move, at several connection points throughout their day. Yalif pointed to a clever use of Twitter marketing to capitalise on mobile users by Starbucks. A UK branch of the coffee giant used Twitter to promote a “Frappuccino Happy Hour”. This created a 70% surge in people tweeting about visiting the store.


Think of the captive commuter audience, eager to distract themselves from their dull, confined, and quite likely delayed journey. Also, think of the youth market. The same survey by Compete found that 18-34 year olds are 21% more likely to log in to Twitter primarily via mobile.


Statistics like this have a major impact on marketers. They suggest that mobile targeting should be a priority when developing Twitter Ad campaigns. Twitter advises targeting messages by device, and creating bespoke mobile content that’s easy for users to interact with on the move. Links to sites within tweets should also be optimised for mobile, to create a seamless user experience that will keep the Mobile Twitterati engaged with your brand throughout their day.


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