Facebook Promoted Posts: Why, How and When to Use Them

Posted by , 12/06/13

facebook marketingWhy use promoted posts?

We all know how infuriating Facebook EdgeRank can be. You can employ every tip, trick and strategy garnered from hours of research and bust a gut to accumulate fans and Likes, only to have a tiny proportion of those fans actually see your messaging.


Thankfully, there is a way to outsmart EdgeRank, the only downside being that it involves forking out (with fees dependent on your fan count). Promoted posts offer an effective way to boost your Affinity ratings – that is, of course, if you create the sort of posts that your target audience will Like.


How to use promoted posts

A big part of building Affinity is playing to the strengths of your Facebook community. Broadly speaking, Facebook-ers are a warm-hearted lot who love pictures of cute pets and dimple-cheeked babies. In any case, visual posts attract far more engagement than plain text posts. At first thought, you might wonder how to spin this to work for your business if it provides, say, car insurance. A little creative flair goes a long way here; for instance, invite your loyal customers to upload photos of their adorable moggy/pooch for a chance to win a month’s free insurance.


The ultimate goal is to ensure that fans develop a high Affinity for your page so that even when you’re not posting adorable pet pictures (or similarly irresistible content), your posts still get seen – and invite prospects to link through to your own website or blog. Important blog posts, articles and/or landing pages are all valuable assets to promote on Facebook, just keep the post as alluring and visual as possible and use clear CTAs.


When to use promoted posts

Having discussed the virtues of the promoted post, we are not encouraging a scattergun approach which would ultimately waste resources and, even worse, alienate or irritate your hard-earned fans. Far more beneficial is a softly, softly approach which selectively promotes posts only when they show true viral promise.


The best set of guidelines I’ve stumbled across recently come courtesy of Jay Baer at Convince and Convert. Baer recommends a useful four-step decision-making process bearing the acronym of STIR. The decision to ‘STIR’ a Facebook post is dependent on its Shelf-Life, Time since publication, potential Impact and Results.


Unless you can answer a firm yes to the four questions highlighted below, hold off on promoting a post.

facebook marketing


While it may be tempting to click and send posts to your fanbase, try and stay smart about when to promote posts. The only addition I’d make to Baer’s clever acronym concerns the engagement rate, which could just as well be calculated by the existing reach of the post rather than by fans of the page.


Over to you 

What kind of information or content does your business highlight with Facebook promoted posts?


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