Facebook 2010 revenue estimated at $1bn

Posted by , 03/03/10

FacebookAccording to estimates from blog Inside Facebook, revenue for the pre -eminent social network is expected to exceed $1bn in 2010.

Revenues have typically doubled each year, according to the research carried out amongst industry experts, from $150m in 2007, to $300m in 2008 and so on, with advertising revenue from fan pages believed to be the main driver.

2009 is seen as an important transitionary year for the site which grew to more than 350m monthly active users, from 150m at the beginning of the year. Of those, 100m were in the US and another 100m were in Europe – the two markets where brand advertising brings in the most money.

Brand advertising is estimated at $225m for 2010 and Inside Facebook predicts this stream could eventually grow to $20bn, taking share away from more established sites like Yahoo and MySpace.

As a private company, Facebook do not release their actual figures but provided this quote:

“Facebook is a private company, and we do not publicly disclose our financial results.  We understand there is a great deal of interest and curiosity in our past and potential financial performance.  However, external attempts to forecast revenue are fundamentally speculative and should be treated as such.  We’re focused on building our business to be successful over the long-term.”


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