Brits are bored of social media…so go ahead and excite them

Posted by , 21/02/12

Brits are bored of social media…so go ahead and excite themThere has been a lot of buzz about the latest social media research from YouGov these past few days. Much has been made of the finding that two in five (41%) of the UK’s online population claim to be getting bored of social media. While the majority of reports have been fairly negative, this research in fact highlights the ongoing prevalence of social media use, and creates a call for new ways to offer richer engagement.

The first useful finding is that Facebook is still king in terms of active users, with a staggering 95% of 16-20 year olds accessing the site within the last month. YouTube ranks second behind Facebook, with half (50%) of all UK internet users using the site within the last month, followed by Twitter (23%), Windows Live (14%), LinkedIn (13%), Google + (12%) and Spotify (10%).

Spotify’s rising popularity points towards a new breed of social media channels (while primarily a music service, Spotify recently added social media functions) which offer something of purpose beyond communicating with peers.

Backing this up, we see that consumer financial advice website, now has as many active users as Twitter. Alongside expert articles on financial issues and products are tools for users to create profiles, leave comments and interact in ways not a million miles away from those on the more obvious social networking sites.

YouGov’s study also reveals that almost half (47%) of consumers object to brand advertising on social networks based on their networking activities, claiming that “social is not always the advertiser’s friend”. Just under half (44%) of the UK population surveyed claim they wouldn’t be more likely to buy a brand’s products if their friends promoted it on social media, while 43% felt it was unlikely that they would talk about a brand on social media.

What YouGov’s research reveals, much in line with recent posts on this blog , is that the social media sector is maturing. Savvy brands are now responding by thinking beyond buying adverts and chasing likes, fans and followers to create a far more compelling presence on social channels.

YouGov’s Media Consulting team surveyed 1,275 UK respondents. To discuss how to reach and engage the new breed of ‘bored’ online networker for better results from your social media marketing, call us on 0845 053 6855



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