5 of the most memorable online video campaigns of 2012

Posted by , 20/12/12

At this time of year, we like to take some time to reflect. For marketers, this period is largely about taking stock and reviewing the activity of the past year. In terms of video campaigns, we tend to look to viewing figures, shares and resulting brand awareness levels as measures of relative success. This Christmas, we’d like to add a new metric to the list: ‘memorability’. Nope, we’re not sure if it’s a real word either, but we do know that online video that makes an indelible mark in the collective consciousness is hard to achieve, but extremely satisfying for both the consumers that enjoy them and the marketers that devised them. Here are five of the most memorable video efforts of 2012:

Telenet: A Dramatic Surprise on Quiet Square

Celebrity tax-dodgers aside, Belgium isn’t generally associated with excitement and drama. Belgian television station Telenet played on this by setting up an action-packed sequence on a typically quiet Belgian square. Involving ambulances, gangsters and a bikini-clad motorcyclist, the scene certainly grabbed the attention of passers-by. And judging by the 39 million views of the video on YouTube, the footage was inventive enough to become a viral hit.

Samsung Galaxy SIII: The Next Big Thing is Already Here

The much-anticipated launch of the Apple iPhone5 in summer 2012 was a major event on the consumer technology calendar. Perhaps unfortunately for Samsung, Apple’s launch coincided with the unveiling of its own competitor smartphone, the Galaxy SIII. To be heard above the noise of the iPhone launch, Samsung created ‘The Next Big Thing is Already Here’. The campaign’s genius derived from ensuring it presented the Galaxy SIII as the superior product to Apple’s, while never once mentioning the iPhone. Campaign creative poked gentle fun at Apple fans without being nasty, and maintained professionalism by focusing on the advantages of its own product. It’s a hard balance to strike, but this video campaign obviously hit the right note: After just one day on the web, the video had been shared 99,294 times, and it generated 2.3 million views.

P&G: Best Job in the World

2012 was a year of memorable global events. As the world was gripped by the Olympics, the Paralympics and the Golden Jubilee celebrations, marketers seized the opportunity to capture the attention of the world. Some did it better than others, and one of the best was P&G’s heartfelt tribute to mums the world over, ‘Best Job in the World’. It worked because it captured a human given – the love we all feel for our mothers – and it rode the crest of a uniquely emotional moment that was being felt across the globe. What made this video campaign so memorable was the way it tapped into the Zeitgeist of the Olympic countdown, tugging on our collective heartstrings and winning over 340,000 views in just 30 days when it launched in mid-April 2012. P&G cleverly extended the theme with the successful ‘Raising an Olympian’ series and its ‘Thank You, Mom” Mother’s Day campaign – both examples of ‘newsjacking’ at its best.


JetBlue: Election Protection

Thanks to Hubspot ,for bringing this campaign for airline JetBlue to our attention. While P&G tapped into Olympic fever, JetBlue also managed to piggyback a news event totally unrelated to its product to great success – in this case the American elections. Picking up on the oft-uttered phrase “If X [candidate] doesn’t win, I’m leaving the country”, JetBlue launched a competition offering entrants the chance to do just that. The campaign won 100,000 views and achieved hundreds of media placements, proving that brands that find a way to join a conversation that millions of people are already having can often find success.


Old Spice: Muscle Music

How does a brand follow up the runaway viral success of campaigns like Old Spice Guy or I’m on a Horse, Old Spice stuck to its tried and tested formula of showcasing its brand first and foremost, leaving its product to be discovered by the consumer. And with an online brand like Old Spice, who can blame them? This year, Old Spice enrolled ex-NFL player Terry Crews to feature in an interactive video. After watching Crews play musical instruments by flexing his muscles, viewers are invited to record their own remix using a special interactive player via their keyboards. It’s musical, macho fun, and the Vimeo community seems to agree with the clip generating 16,500 ‘Likes’ and 529 resoundingly enthusiastic comments to date.


FPR’s Final Thought

This top five is composed of global mega-brands with huge budgets behind them, which can make creating your own online video as an SME seem a little daunting. For end-to-end advice on creating, implementing and measuring your own video marketing campaign, call our video team on 0845 053 6855


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